Reputable Zalo API send message to the service provider in Vietnam

Zalo API send message

Today, the rapid development of information technology. They are bringing many conveniences to people’s lives. Therefore, the activities around us gradually improve according to the digitization trend.

Along with that development, the Zalo social network is being widely applied in marketing in the Vietnamese market, bringing many benefits to businesses.

In particular, Zalo API sends messages containing advertising and customer care messages, which are being used by businesses in many fields.

Zalo API send message

Zalo API service application sends messages to mobile marketing.

What is the Zalo API to send messages?

API (short for Application Programming Interface) is a protocol that supports and allows two software to communicate with each other to exchange data.

To put it simply, Zalo API is a product created as an intermediary channel, where pre-written commands are gathered. 

Through it, businesses can use third-party applications to interact with the Zalo platform. This is like a universal key that opens up great and convenient opportunities for your business to reach customers and improve customer service.

Why foreign businesses should use the Zalo API to send messages in mobile marketing?

Extracting statistics from the Ministry of Information and Communications in February 2022, the number of people using the Zalo social network in Vietnam reached 74.7 million users. Thereby we also see that this is a potential place, for businesses to find for themselves golden opportunities to reach customers and increase sales effectively.

Zalo API send message

Types of Zalo API are supported by the Zalo social network and are often used in businesses.

What types of Zalo API are there?

Zalo API service is now a utility service, helping businesses to easily approach customers with customer care notifications or messages such as:

– OTP verification code;

– Notice of invoices for using services and products;

– An order confirmation message;

– Happy birthday messages;

– …

The Zalo platform is providing support for the following types of APIs.

Zalo Notification Service API

Zalo Notification Service API is an API that grants the right to manage and classify OA notification templates of businesses. In addition, they also interact with customers through phone numbers registered for Zalo accounts, the special thing in this type is that businesses can still send messages or notifications without customers following the Zalo OA of the company. previous business.

This type of service will be used flexibly and designed according to the needs and purposes of the business. Commonly used tasks of the ZNS API:

  • Zalo API allows retrieval of the status of ZNS notifications. Through information censorship, ZNS content types are sent by Zalo ZNS regulations.
  • Retrieve and send ZNS with Zalo OA quality information of the business, according to each template in the last 48 hours.

Article API

Article API is a form of API that provides businesses with synchronising and accessing article data on the Zalo platform, via HTTP protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). Thanks to that, businesses can edit articles, create new content, and post diverse content (images, videos) instead of normal words. Remember that API Article usage should not exceed 1MB.

Social API

Completely different from the above Zalo API, Zalo Social API is a form of interaction in the form of individuals. This form is extremely suitable for individual users to build a personal brand. Because of the ability to retrieve data, post to Zalo’s diary, and send messages to his friends as a Zalo user.

To be able to use Social API, you need to create an application on the Zalo Platform. By selecting your avatar on the right of the screen and choosing to add a new application, along with that, you must always remember to comply with the terms released by Zalo.

Official Account API

Talking about Zalo API sending messages, it is impossible not to mention Zalo OA (Zalo Official Account) This is a verified account type from Zalo’s management team. Acting as an official spokesperson for the business, managing and interacting with people who are interested in the Zalo OA account. Enterprises can use the OA Manager or the Zalo OA API system.

The outstanding advantage when you use Zalo OA API is that you can interact with your Zalo OA interested accounts through available notification templates set up by Zalo, some typical features such as:

  • Send a message with photos and videos of the product;
  • Review chats on Zalo OA;
  • Messages are sent in many forms;

Shop API

Shop API Allowing the application to access Zalo Shop’s store data, through the Shop API, businesses will have features such as:

  • Retrieve information and update order status;
  • Create or update product information;
  • Create or update product catalogue information;

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Prestigious service provider in the Vietnam market

If your business is the first time you want to start applying Zalo API send messages for your business in reaching and taking care of customers with Mobile Marketing. Then you must be very hesitant, not knowing which unit or supplier you should put your trust in Vietnam.

Don’t worry, eZNS carries on a mission to provide technical software solutions. Supporting businesses according to their needs and goals. eZNS is considered a highly appreciated and reputable unit in Vietnam, amidst a vast market of large and small suppliers and full of risks.

This is a potential supplier and is very suitable for foreign businesses investing in Vietnam in particular and all businesses in general. eZNS possesses outstanding advantages such as:

  • 24/7 customer care and support.
  • Experienced, professional, and dedicated staff.
  • The powerful system, easy-to-operate interface, and 100% online use.
  • Quickly integrate APIs into your website or software.
  • Optimising costs for businesses.

Typical customers and partners that eZNS has ever cooperated with:

  • Mazda;
  • karaoke service NNice;

The end

From the information, we provide Zalo API Send messages. Hope that can bring useful value to your business. Support your business in the process of considering and learning about this service to put it into effective mobile marketing campaigns, achieving the desired goals of your business. It is an opportunity to reach out to target customers such as Zalo social network users or the current Vietnamese market. Thank you for following the article, any comments or questions, please leave a comment below to receive the earliest response, thank you very much.

To register to experience Zalo marketing services with eZNS, quickly contact:


Hotline: 0901 888 484


Head office: 140 – 142 Road No. 2, Van Phuc City, Hiep Binh Phuoc, City. Thu Duc, City. Ho Chi Minh.

Hanoi Branch: An Hung Building, 85-87 Hoang Quoc Viet, Nghia Do, Cau Giay.

Cambodia Branch: Thida Rath #154 St.33MC, Sangkat Steung Meanchey, Khan Mean Chey Phnom Penh.

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