SMS Zalo – A Strategy To Quickly Reach Customers In Vietnam

Failure to determine whether customers have read the message or not, simple, boring message content, and not attracting customers’ attention,… are the difficulties that businesses often face when sending text messages of customer care.

SMS Zalo is known as a mobile marketing solution born to solve the above problems through Zalo messages. In addition, this messaging service also supports businesses to enhance the ability to provide information to communicate with customers and to reach the maximum number of smartphone users in order to optimize investment and personnel costs.

The following article will help you better understand what SMS Zalo is, and know how to effectively use this mobile marketing solution.

What is Zalo SMS service?

As a solution to send notifications and take care of customers via zalo, allowing businesses to use SMS API to send customer care messages to Zalo users without users having to follow Zalo OA before.

Besides, SMS Zalo has another way of calling it eZNS.

Sending conditions: Only send customer care messages. Send to customers that a transaction has occurred with the enterprise until the transaction is completed. ZNS is only formed when there is an event related to account fluctuations, trading transactions, or financial relations.

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Features of SMS Zalo service

  • SMS ZALO helps businesses interact 1-1 with Zalo users via Zalo OA.
  • Take advantage of ZALO Notification Messages for customers to click Follow the page and then send promotions to customers who have followed Broadcast for free (Maximum 4 SMS/month).
  • Cost Pretty good.
  • The speed of sending messages is fast, after 1 second, the message is sent, and after 3 seconds, 90% will receive the message when the customer is online.

Price list of SMS Zalo service

SMS Zalo is an additional channel on the enterprise’s existing infrastructure, which can be easily deployed anytime the business wants.

Next, the investment fee for this marketing solution can help businesses save more than 40% of costs compared to other marketing channels.

Currently, the Zalo SMS service price list includes the following 2 types of information:

  • Regular news: Charged for a successful receipt in 2 hours at the price of 220 VND/message.
  • Priority message: Charge on a successful transaction in 15 seconds at the price of 330 VND/message.

In addition, you can use other alternative channels when sending ZNS messages fails through the integrated solution of Multi-Channel Messaging API.

With this model, businesses can apply the process of sending multi-channel messages, in turn, Zalo -> Viber -> SMS (Prioritize sending Zalo messages if the message fails or encounters an error, after about 15 seconds, they will automatically switch to the Viber channel if it fails again, it will switch to SMS).

Multi-Channel Messaging API – Rated as a multi-channel solution that helps businesses optimize interaction efficiency, and save costs, but still ensures 100% of customers receive messages.

Benefits of SMS Zalo

Reach maximum potential customers easily

Currently, Zalo is becoming the social network with the largest number of users in Vietnam, with a specific number of 74.7 million in February 2022. Therefore, “golden warehouse”, “fertile land”, and “promised land” are nouns referring to Zalo in exploiting messaging applications on this platform to offer highly effective marketing solutions. 

Specifically, with 100 million registered accounts, 54 million daily active accounts, and 1.4 billion messages sent per day, it proves that this market will support maximum customer reach easily. Typically, when 100% of messages are sent on the Zalo application after 1s, 90% of ZNS messages are received after only 5 seconds.

Diverse and flexible news content

With each business goal, businesses will certainly offer appropriate approach strategies for each target group. However, eZNS becomes the perfect choice with the ability to allow businesses to set up diverse and vivid content including text, images, logos, brand names,… clients.

In addition, the message content can also integrate a link insert button or a CTA (Call To Action) button to optimize two-way interaction.

Capable of easy deployment

eZNS has a standard API system that allows programmers to conveniently integrate messaging services into any software system of any language.

Capable of cost-effective optimization

Compared to other messaging marketing channels on the market, the fee to send ZNS messages is very low, only half. However, the benefits that this messaging service brings to businesses are very large compared to the costs if they know how to use the right strategic goals.

Thereby contributing to effective customer care support, and improving brand awareness. In particular, when using eZNS, businesses can send notifications to users without having to follow Zalo OA before.

High level of user information security

Security of customer information is always a matter of concern when theft and information leakage occurs frequently, affecting businesses. SMS Zalo is committed to the maximum security of user information because data is transmitted to Zalo API via HTTPS protocol. Therefore, it is possible to control the right to exchange content between businesses and Zalo according to Open API standards.

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SMS Zalo – Marketing solution that gives businesses outstanding benefits to support and improve customer service and outreach activities in an effective, simple, and fast way. Don’t miss your chance to experience this great service!

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